Rothrock Collection
14319 Ocean Hwy.
Pawleys Island, SC 29585

Our Story

“Rothrock Collection” is the manifestation of its owner, Steve Rothrock’s, 40-year love affair with “things of old.” Having been a Marine, then a co-owner of one of the largest construction companies in the Southeast, Steve is not your prototypical antique purveyor. 

Steve and his wife Jean, an award-winning landscape architect, have built, remodeled, renovated, and sold numerous furnished homes in South Carolina, South Africa, and Scotland. The meticulous craftsmanship and artistry of beautiful antique furnishings sound deeply with both, as evidenced by their beautifully furnished, and very livable, home in the Historic District of Georgetown, South Carolina. Steve’s fascination with such things began forty years ago, when an antique dealer walked him through her warehouse, explaining the origin of the individual pieces. Families’ livelihoods depended upon the efficiency and skill with which they crafted chests-of-drawers, wardrobes, and other such functional pieces, using the finest woods and materials available. A family’s entire savings might be invested in the materials alone, and numerous family members were usually involved in producing the finished product. Their workshops were lit by sunlight and candles; there was no electricity for either light or tools. All the extremely intricate carving, inlaying, cross-banding, joining and finishing of these beautiful pieces, was completed by hand. This resulted in “Bench-Made” furnishings, distinctive for their precision, beauty and durability.

Each piece of furniture in our store began its life in this way. They would have then been initially transported to their original owners by horse-drawn wagon, over dirt trails. After one-to-two-hundred years, having been transported from place to place by various means, each of these fine pieces of furniture was carefully packed, crated, and shipped in containers, from either Grangemouth Port in Scotland, or London Gateway Port, to Charleston, South Carolina. They were then delivered to our store, painstakingly unpacked, cleaned, polished, and placed on display for you to find. Considering their history and age, it is astonishing to see the remarkable condition of these pieces, sitting on display for you in our 10,000+ square feet of showrooms. Located in the North Litchfield section of Pawleys Island, South Carolina we look forward to seeing you soon, and introducing you to our many beautiful “things of old,” waiting to find their way into your lives and homes.

Doug Thornton, Manager