Rothrock Collection
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Porcelain and Pottery

Oriental vases and china are included in this grouping, as well as figurines, statues, candlesticks and trinket boxes. Makers include but are not limited to: R.B., ARVA, Wedgewood, Mason’s Patent Ironstone China, Aynsley, Spode, Satsuma, Imari, Capodimonte, Imperial Stone IDA, Jyoto, Royal Winton, Emperial, Italian Lakes, Tavola, Arzberg, Rogers, Avesbury, Dresdner, Takahashi, ALBA, Flora-Late Meyers, Romanov, Staffordshire, Noritaki, Royal Doulton, Imperial Jingdezhen, Royal Albert, Cloisonne, Meissen, Royal Worcester, Sevres, Waterloo, Royal Stafford, Royal Dux, Daven Port, Bosphonrns, Herend Hungaria, W.H. Grindley & Co., Nankeen, J.&M.P. Bell, Rosenthale, Losol Ware Keeling & Co. LTD, Hicks & Meigh, Derby T.M., Radnor, Kelsboro, Healacraft, Coal Port, Lenox and Dunoon.

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(2) Capodimonte Style Victorian Floral Ladies Candelabras.
$1,000.00 Each or $1,800.00 Pair

(2) Oriental Dragon Garden Stools.
$300.00 each

Royal Doulton Ewer. ©1890

(2) Meissen Style Porcelain Musician Figurines.
$4,000.00 Pair

African Safari Porcelain Tea Pot. Made By: E. Kawina.

(2) Foo Dog Incense Burner Statues.

(2) Oriental Lidded Temple Jars with Gold Accents.
$2,500.00 each

Hand Painted Jardiniere.

(2) Ironstone China Plates and (1) Ironstone China Platter.
$450.00 set